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Microlearning: The Wave of Now

For more than five years, Amy has seen the trend developing: Companies need workforce development information in short, relevant, bits that employees can access when they need it via the Internet. She explains the forces driving the change.

Why Traditional Business Training Fails

Ineffective training programs are costly and underserving learners: 40% of training fails according to one study. And yet traditional methods, rife with bloated content, antiquated delivery, and abysmal retention rates, are still the norm. Amy explains research showing how a flexible approach to training delivery could mean a 300% increase in speed and a 70% cut in production costs

Millennials: Leading Change in the Way We Learn

According to a Microsoft survey, 77% of people aged 18 to 24 reach for their phone when there’s nothing else occupying their attention. Amy discusses how companies can give employees the information they need to excel in their jobs – and why it’s not just millennials who need microlearning.

The Blueprint for Transforming Traditional Training Programs

Amy explains what it takes to change costly, time-consuming old-school training into an immersive, continuous learning approach.

Don’t Touch That Screen! Tips to Keep Distracted Learners Engaged

The average time people send viewing a YouTube is between 1:04 and 2:43. Online courses fare even worse, with completion rates between 2 and 14 percent. Amy shares how to make learning compelling as attention spans shrink.

Why Your Leaders’ are Falling Short

Developing leaders at all levels is a critical priority. A recent study found 36% of organizations globally still don’t have leaders with the skills needed to successfully lead their organizations. Almost all identified their training solutions targeted for mid level and individual contributors as ineffective and in need of redesign. Amy explains what needs to change and how.

Spark Change With Flexible Learning Options

A successful microlearning platform should allow employees to access both short and deeper educational opportunities and act as a hub for them to return for continuous training. Amy shares how Accelerated Learning Results creates customized, blended learning opportunities to fill the full gamut of training needs.

How Tech Can Help Solve Sticky People Issues

American workers spend more than two and a half hours per week trying to resolve conflict, costing U.S. companies $359 billion every year, one study found. Amy shares the issues that keep managers awake at night and keys for them to stay resilient, build more supportive teams and ignite change.

How Microlearning Boosts Employee Engagement

Lack of employee engagement is one of the biggest problems companies now face – less than one-third of employees are engaged, more than half aren’t, and more than 17 percent are actively disengaged. These attitudes hurt companies – Gallup estimates the cost of lost productivity from just actively disengaged employees at between $450 and $550 billion a year in the United States. Amy explains how microlearning can help by providing employees with a continuous stream of relevant content in bite-sized portions.

6 Checkpoints to Boost Leadership Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs happen with discipline and systematic focus. Amy details six checkpoints that anyone from CEOs to frontline managers can use to challenge themselves.

3 Leadership Strategies for Winning Hearts and Minds

What does it mean to engage with employees in ways that demonstrate authentic leadership? Amy provides three effective ways to boost employee commitment and performance, and improve customer experience.

Show Them Some Love

Providing positive feedback – praising a productive employee or rewarding a job well done – can be difficult for both new and experienced managers, but the effects of not giving positive feedback can be detrimental to any team. Amy shares ways managers can reinforce the kinds of behavior they want in their employees.

Not ANOTHER Training Session!

Amy shares four ways to encourage employees to see training as a quality investment of their time and resources.

eLearning Today and Tomorrow

Amy details trends for designing effective eLearning including focusing on the learner, delivering content in small bites, developing apps for mobile learning and keeping courses engaging and interactive.

5 Key Tools to Boost Customer Experience

Adapting a consistent customer experience enables companies to distinguish themselves from their competition. Amy discusses five ways to “permeate a customer experience ecosystem across the organization.”

Resiliency: 5 Ways to Learn from (Sales) Rejection

Everyone has been rejected at some point, and it’s just not fun. But how do you get back up and move forward? Amy discusses ways to turn rejection into positive learning instead of a roadblock.

The “Out of Office” Myth

A 2014 survey by Glassdoor that found that the average American employee who received a vacation benefit used only 51 percent of eligible time off, and 61 percent of employees who took vacation time worked at least some while on vacation. In today’s digital age, is it realistic for employees to be 100 percent off? Amy discusses the long-term benefits to employees truly unplugging and recharging, both for the employee and the company.

Are You a Good Social Citizen?

For some reason, when people are online, they tend to act differently than they would in person, making social media a breeding ground for bad behavior. Amy shares five rules for being a good social citizen.

Are Your Emails Inhibiting Your Success?

Amy shares guidelines for effective email communications from her team and other leaders, including one cited as the most important: Never send a long email.

Customer Experience: 5 Ways to Build Loyalty

ABR has partnered with their companies to design and develop customer experience learning solutions and contributed to customer experience research with Forrester. Amy shares five loyalty-building tactics from her team and the Harvard Business Review.
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